The goal of the National African American Male Wellness Agency is to raise awareness for preventable health diseases.

Living a healthy lifestyle is about taking a holistic approach to maintaining good health. Good health is maintained through healthy habits. We will promote annual doctor visits, while encouraging men to stay active and know their numbers. This is a key component to the maintaining good health. 

The National African American Male Wellness Agency (AAWellness) was established in 2004 to begin the process of empowering men to understand through prevention one can live longer. The awareness campaign is the largest Wellness Initiative of its kind in Central Ohio and has expanded to Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Mahoning Valley and Toledo. The Wellness Initiative has provided thousands of residents free health screenings across the state of Ohio, resulting in recognition from former President Obama and also by having August declared as African American Male Wellness Month by former Governor John Kasich.  

AAWellness has expanded to six cities outside of Ohio; Atlanta, GA., Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, IN, New Orleans, LA, Renton, WA and Washington, DC, making our movement nationally recognized.The overall health and wellness of the black community is dependent on the health of black men in the community. African American men are dying from preventable diseases at ten (10) times the rate of other men which drives the mission of AAWellness.

Because our event is entering the 16th year, we have increased community participation to over 50,000 Nationally (Est. 25,000 the Columbus Metropolitan area this year). With this effort we have screened over 2000 men (nearly 1000 in Columbus, OH) and impacted countless families through health awareness and education.  The area’s most influential people have echoed our mantra, “Know Your Numbers” throughout Central Ohio. By empowering residents of the area with education about their physical, mental and financial health our goal is to help position the patriarch as a healthy, significant, stable and successful component of the american family.

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In 2004, I created The National African American Male Wellness Walk/Run Initiative to begin the process of making men understand, through prevention, one can live longer. This event allows men and their families across the country to obtain free health screenings and raise awareness in living a healthier lifestyle. As you read the following articles and review the data, my desire is for you to Join the Movement.


National African American

Male Wellness Agency

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In efforts to address the needs of the family, we take a holistic approach. By providing quarterly awareness education workshops that cover topics such as mental wellness, fatherhood, infant mortality and financial topics just to name a few. AAWellness is dedicated to changing the health disparities among African American men. As a leader in awareness for black men’s health we promote: 

1. Know your numbers;

2. Get moving;

3. Visit the doctor annually.


“I send greetings as you gather in Columbus to promote the health and wellness of African-American men.

Everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy life, and all our communities should have the support they need to thrive. Yet despite the overall improvement of health care and services across America in recent years, disparities in health persist…”



The National African American Male Wellness Agency

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