Mental health

Did you ever notice that you may say things to your barber that you would never tell your wife or kids? Sharing challenges, successes and experiencing the wisdom of our elders. We want to share and experience the venue, the environment, the culture of the "Barbershop" and all of the discussions that the shop experiences. Marriage, finance, kids, relationships, church, politics, and community subject is off limits!

We will also have professional mental health professionals there to be available if you want to go deep or one on one.

The Drive Behind the Agency

In efforts to address the needs of the entire family, we take a holistic approach by providing quarterly awareness education and life services workshops that cover topics such as Mental Wellness, Fatherhood, Infant Mortality and Financial Literacy, just to name a few. Our goal is to provide a holistic service to enhance the entire family and in turn community through the empowerment and awareness of the spiritual, mental physical and financial well-being of the African American Male. Therefore the AAWellness Walk event is the culminating event to embody all of these efforts.


After securing the Walk route by working with the various city departments, as well as confirming, booth providers, vendors, productions companies for sound, staging, data management, medical supplies and equipment, marketing and sponsors, we start the day of the event at about 2 am building the infrastructure and securing the route. We then focus on the Health Screening tables, with setup and flow preparation. Participants are requested to get their screenings done between 7 am and 9:30 am (although we will still offer screenings after those times, health assessments done before the walk can be used for data analysis, as after the walk participant health numbers will change). At about 9:30 am the Walk/Run is then commenced! During the event we will have the Kids Area open and will execute the youth program at this time. At the end of the Walk/Run the event will host the information and summary presentation of the event.

The AAWellness Agency is successful each year with the support of our financial sponsors who benefit by having exposure to a diverse audience of individuals, primarily African Americans, who can access their products and services through booth purchases and vendor tables. AAWellness Agency uses an out of the box grassroots to market, to get individuals and the community involved through extensive door to door outreach, boots on the ground, TV ads, radio, billboards, social media, direct mail and collaboration with community organizations and agencies. Corporations who partner with the AAWellness Agency benefit by sponsoring the largest initiative in the African American community whereby individuals have access to their products and services as well as recognition in the community for being a noble corporate partner. The AAWellness Agency is dedicated to changing the health disparities among African American men and continues to be a leader in awareness for black men’s health by promoting men to:

1. Know your numbers;

2. Get moving; and

3. Visit the doctor annually.



The National African American Male Wellness Agency

2780 Airport Drive, Suite 333

Columbus, Ohio 43219



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